Vive Concierge is a virtual care ecosystem

Vive Concierge is both a platform and an organization working at the intersection of technology and policy to address gaps in care.
Our mission:
To Democratize Concierge Medicine.
We are committed to building the world’s first fully inclusive healthcare ecosystem to raise the standard of care for all people along the economic spectrum.

Based in Los Angeles, Vive Concierge is the only virtual healthcare company in the United States that is women & minority founded, owned, and operated. We understand that the global outbreak of COVID-19 has only amplified issues of racial bias in healthcare and that access to virtual care for all is needed now more than ever. We are now emerging to meet the needs of the public with urgent, primary, and preventative care so we can move everyone along the path to wellness.

Strategic Partnerships

We take pride in focusing on a vast array of partnerships across the country and overseas. From community-based organizations to some of the country’s largest school districts, colleges, universities, hospitals, and corporations, we see an opportunity to collaborate everywhere.

Vive focuses on democratizing concierge medicine which means we see no singular access point to patients or physicians but a vast opportunity to extend care wherever it’s needed. Our ever-evolving virtual platform, paired with our national lab testing capabilities to drive the most urgent, primary, and preventative care services in-home, make us an ideal platform to ensure all people along the economic spectrum have access to a vast array of physician choices and treatment options.

Public Release Coming Soon

Having been focused solely on strategic engagements to date, we now turn to the broader release of our platform to the public to ensure we achieve our mission: to democratize concierge medicine. This year, we release 2.0 to the market so that any physician, physician practice, and nurse practitioner wanting to service their patients better or expand their reach can do so. We are also supporting every person wanting what they deserve can have it-unfettered access to urgent, primary, and preventative care that improves the patient experience. In addition, we are redefining what’s typically termed as “tele-health” as we virtually ensure proper care using advanced tools and capabilities such as our own labs and in home tests. Finally, careful attention has been lent to design, function, services, partnerships, and collaborations to empower clinicians to make every patient have an actual concierge experience.

Confidential and Secure Infrastructure

Well beyond HIPAA compliance, we are ensuring all patient health information is secure at rest and in transit. We have invested millions of dollars into ensuring not only the best patient or physician experience, but that we are facilitating advanced and robust communication between care teams, patients, and their families with an exceedingly secure environment that is highly thoughtful and user friendly.

Integrated Lab Services
Vive is a leading lab services provider in theUnited States through our joint venture collaboration with Clinical Reference Laboratory(CRL), one of the nation's largest lab testing companies. We have been at the forefront of the fight against Covid, being one of the first collaborations to bring an in-home rapid test to the market. But, true to our mission, we are driving an increasingly broad range of testing into the home and into the workplace. From testing for sexually transmitted infections, certain cancers, hormones, and environmental threats, we are working to have everyone have the power of in home testing facilitated by one of the most trusted labs in the country servicing both the public and private sectors. All this is in the palm of your hand through our platform.

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